Engaged | Julie & Kevin

This was my first engagement photo shoot and I loved it so so much! I mean it probably has something to do with these two lovely people (my good friend from IU days and her fiance) …but seriously it was such a blast! I kind of think we should make couple shoots a thing – but just any time in a relationship. Why not schedule an anniversary shoot with just your spouse and carve out a day with the person you love, spend a leisurely afternoon snapping some photos, go out to dinner and celebrate the two of you! I love looking at pictures of my parents in the early days of their relationship. What a cool thing to pass down to your family too. Yes, of course you can capture some couple pictures during family session, but this would be so much more relaxed and focused on just the two of you!

Anyway I digress, back to Julie & Kevin! They were such troopers on this first really cold fall day in Chicago. However, it was probably because of the cold temps and some serious wind, we were able to enjoy some of the more popular locations in the city without interruption. Julie & Kevin, your love shines through in these photos. I wish you all the best as you start the wedding planning and cannot wait for your big day. <3

(Also, fair warning…I had a hard time narrowing down the pictures to share, so yeah, there’s a bunch)

Just to demonstrate the wind factor here….yeah, a bit on the breezy side.